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AE-SS For Mad and Mirthel by Warai-Kentshu AE-SS For Mad and Mirthel :iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 0 0 AE IWR Mission -Taboone Creature - Wutopii by Warai-Kentshu AE IWR Mission -Taboone Creature - Wutopii :iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 1 0 IWR Mission - Decorating HQ by Warai-Kentshu IWR Mission - Decorating HQ :iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 5 0 IWR Mission Taboone - Bird Creature by Warai-Kentshu IWR Mission Taboone - Bird Creature :iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 1 0 AE-Mission-Taboone Creature - Luvairlen by Warai-Kentshu AE-Mission-Taboone Creature - Luvairlen :iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 1 0
The Accession Epoch RP Log
-Meet The Leaders
This was an Rp Event in AE, the members of the group's characters were meeting up with the leaders of the divisons. Maeve Came in at the the tale end of the event, but was luckily acknowledged by Emmeric (being that this character's post ended up being the final post xD of the event), a really cute and adorable mouse creature <333 He has a fluffy hat~
-Aiden and Maeve Bump into each other late at night at work
Maeve was working on some research about other worlds. Though she was reading in some restricted areas. When she went to take a break, passing through the main courtyard at IWR HQ, she ran into Aiden. The O.W.A. just about had a heart attack, though Aiden was calm and soothing to her jitters... and she also learned that he lived at HQ.
-IWR Divisions Second and Third in command Public Interviews!
Welcome one, welcome all! Come to the open interview sessions of the IWR, starring Aiden as the main interviewer! But wait! You the audience, or
:iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 0 0
Sofiuoneza Rp Log
In the Office, there's Suspicions
Questian and Dryden are in Quest's office, the vampire doing paperwork while the mare is bringing said vampire his dinner. Quest doesn't feel too well after drinking his dinner, and suspects that someone is tampering with his blood supply with something, perhaps an altered line of Vervain. This greatly concerns Quest as he wonders if someone from the blood bank is doing this to his supply. This matter of suspicion and uncertainty concerns Dryden as well.
A knight, a Vampire and the Mall
Quest is at the mall getting something special for someone special to him. There he has a chance crossed paths with Violet, who happens to be shopping for something... but is having troubles talking to store employees.
There's a kid in Helkash!
Helkash, the most happening and lively night club in all of Sofiuoneza~
The place is pact, The Contessa has graced the club with her presence as she comes in for her weekly dose of fey wine~ OH The tinglies~
:iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 1 0
MaeveLullabelHollow by Warai-Kentshu MaeveLullabelHollow :iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 3 0
AE Extra Character Info
Here's the Extra Info on Maeve~
-Her Actual age is 152 which she happens to look between 17-21 in human years.
-Her Maturity also ranges from that of a human teenager to a human in their mid twenties.
Father: Nathen Faustus Hollow |735 (43)| Deceased |
Mother: Nadira Musoke Hollow |603 (39)| Deceased |
Brother: Desmond Lazarus Hollow |269 (Look to be mid-late twenties)|
Brother: Damien Sirius Hollow |269 (Look to be mid-late twenties)|
Youngest Brother: Bryce Luciano Hollow |78 (Mid teens)| Deceased |
Bloodline: Clow Hollow's Side
Status: ---
.She’s cousins to the strife heir that Rules the --- Kingdom (her mother’s sister married the strife Heir while she married the Hollow Heir)
History: Links will be provided in the description section when the appropriate documents have been created so that you may know even more information about Mae
:iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 0 0
Rudo By Mez Works-d62firh by Warai-Kentshu Rudo By Mez Works-d62firh :iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 1 2
This is my Character Submissio
Name: Maeve Lullabel Hollow
Age:  Against a normal human being, Old.
Gender: Female
Height: Five Feet Four Inches
Weight: 113 lbs
Species: One winged Angel
World: Teramisera
Pronounced - tera-meh-see-ra
Rp Prompt:
2.You have been sent on a team mission with a member from another Division, however the monsters you were supposed to help contain have proved stronger than the information that was provided said they were. Your partner is injured and only semi conscious and there’s a large monster bearing down on you. What do you do?
Extra: A link will go here as I have a lot of extra's for my character o3o;;
Rp Media: Skype or Notes are my main form of rping. Rp chats I can do. If you want to rp with me just send me a note telling me which way you’re up to rping (ex. if you want to rp with me via skype and don't know my sk
:iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 1 0
Tyrim's Struggle -ZoA Event
I'm walking on sunshine WHOA, Don't it feel good!~ Whoooaa I'm walking on sun-
"Attention All Delphinus Residents! Tyrim is under attack, I repeat Tyrim is under attack!” The sound of Saga’s voice pierced over the radio. The little libra who had been dancing around her room, listening to music on the radio stopped suddenly. When she heard saga explain what was going on, she immediately dashed out of her room to find an adult. The house seemed quiet, too quiet for a place that was getting set up for a dinner party in the weeks to come. The servants generally planned things weeks in advanced as to make sure everything would go over smoothly, and seeing to their guests were comfortable in their rooms as many would be spending a night or two. And it wasn’t just any dinner party, it happened to be her father’s birthday.
I have to find someone she thought, going up and down the halls and every floors. Thats when she remembered that most if not all the st
:iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 3 4
yukaigeSSgift by Warai-Kentshu yukaigeSSgift :iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 7 2
Happy New Year~ TDW Shard Event
Error...Missing Text

"SORCHA!" the little phantom digimon yelled, seeing his partner being thrown across the room. The female human had gone after the cruelty digimon Povegliamon. Why? Why had she done this without him even knowing? Well they had been separated and the raven haired girl with ice tips was helping some of the other trainers. It was better for the champions and ultimates to take on this digimon, however he had managed to take hostage a few people and the female couldn't let the cruelty digimon keep hold of them for any length or leverage. They were just kids. Two thirteen year-old boys with an eleven year old girl. Another girl, of spanish origin had the same idea as her. True their leaders and scout leaders told them not to do rash things like going after a powerful enemy.. especially without your digital partner. But they could seize an opportunity to help the kids. And it was something Sorcha was going to take.She had dodged a few of Povegliamon's at
:iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 4 0
Missing Amelia - ZoA
He looked out his window, sitting and leaning against the window pain on his window seat. Splats of rain hit the glass, balling up before sliding down to the ledge and at times beyond. Sighing he closed his eyes. Today was a gloomy day, and not simply because it was raining (sometimes it was fun to be out in the rain). No today was gloomy because he happened to be thinking about Amelia. It had been some time since he last saw her. Although from memory he'd only seen her once or twice, but it seemed they knew each other prior to that. Sighing he reopened his eyes, seeing the gardens get replenished with water. Had the two ever walked in the garden together? The capricorn wondered. Logically he was confused by why he was feeling this way about a woman that he'd just recently met. Though it happened to be not that very important to him to figure out why. Somewhere inside, was telling him all that he needed to know, even if he could not look at it with logic or understanding. Feelings happ
:iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 2 2
ZoA Investation Part 1
She brushed a strand of loose hair behind her ear. Irritated slightly that this one strand had decided to come loose at a time that wasn't necessary she just simply sighed. Stay calm…. she told herself. She wanted to help and knew the risks, she managed to put on a brave face for her older siblings, so much that they ended up saying yes. Why had they said yes? Maybe because they needed as many people as possible to help get rid of the infestation… and they wanted her to know they respected her abilities.
:iconwarai-kentshu:Warai-Kentshu 0 4






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ADM Hatter
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So here's a little blurb about me : 3

You can call me Hatter or ADM
I'm in my twenties
I happen to not have my own style of drawing as I am still learning and stuff o3o (this is more so Rp groups know I'm not cheating and copying D: )


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